Xirovouni Platanou S.A.

XIROVOUNI PLATANOU S.A. is a subsidiary of THERMIS S.A. that managing the local wind farm at Xirovouni.

The holding company THERMIS S.A. is a subsidiary of the construction company THEMELI S.A.

Location of the Wind Farm

Xerovouni wind farm is located on the ridge of Xerovouni mountain, 25 km N of Nafpaktos town, 5km SW of Evinos lake, near Platanos village (at Nafpaktia municipality of Aitoloakarnania prefecture).

Its power is 17MW (20WTGs of 0.85MW), average wind speed is around 6,7m/s and average altitude about 1.500m. (Photos and Google map)

Description of the project

Xerovouni construction works include:

  • Twenty wind generators GAMESA G52/850kW with 44m towers.
  • One 44m high permanent met-mast.
  • 3,5km of internal dirt road.
  • One control building/warehouse on site.
  • 4,7 km of forestry access road (improvement).
  • Two parallel medium voltage (20kV) connection lines (each around 21,5 km aerial and 2,3 km underground).
  • One substation 20/150kV.
  • About 20 small and 20 very small interventions – improvements in the Nafpaktos – Platanos asphalt road.

WTGs arrived to Messologi port and they were transferred to the site by trucks, for ~80km.

Construction works started at the end (Sept – Oct.) of 2010, with the initial construction of access and internal roads. They stopped during winder period and resumed on April 2011. Major part of civil engineering works finished at the end (Nov.-Dec.) of 2011. WTGs transportation followed the end of the winder period (Apr.-June 2012) and the first WTG was installed on June 13th, 2012. The first WTG entered into operation on Oct. 26th and since Nov. 27th all 20 WTGs are producing.